Weather Seals - August 2017
The rubber-ish material between the window glass and car body on the drivers' side was obviously eroded.  When I ran the car through the car wash, a fair amount of water would come in around the top of the window.  Lord knows what it would be like in a pounding rain.

As part of the paint and bodywork, various door, window and trunk seals needed to be stripped off and replaced.  I easily got new ones from Classic Performance.  They are a little 'tight,' meaning you have to slam the door hard because it tends to bounce off the new rubber, but some rubber treatment from Canadian Tire helps.  As they get older they will compress more and mould themselves to the door opening.

$ 16,699.34                    Previous Total
$      166.95                    Weatherstrip
$      147.00                    Roof rail weatherstrip
$        31.50                    Trunk weatherstrip
$        16.00                    Mirror gaskets
$ 17,060.79                    TOTAL TO DATE