Vinyl Roof  - July 2017
My original had a nice 'beige' vinyl roof and so I had one of those installed after car was repainted.  Chinook Auto Upholstery, who did my seats repair, informed me that they could do a vinyl roof.  However, because there is so little demand for vinyl roofs these days, they could only offer me bone white or black. 

Through an online search, I found SMS Auto Fabric in Canby, OR. They had vinyl to match GM vinyl roof colours, and they will send you swatches through the mail for you to choose from.  I chose what seemed to match the old, faded colour photographs I have of my original car, and also matched the GM Parchment colour interior.

The width of the vinyl from SMS wasn't quite wide enough to avoid a seam down the middle, but as I recall the original had a seam, too.  After installation, Chadd installed the window trim for the rear quarter windows.  These windows came with some awful plastic trim - some cars built in 1973 got the plastic, some got the stainless steel.  Chadd's uncle crafted new stainless steel trim for those windows and installed it over the vinyl roof.  Beautiful. 

$ 37,841.95                    Previous Total
$      718.67                    Vinyl fabric, $US539.00, SMS Auto Fabric, Canby, OR
$      577.50                    Vinyl roof installation, Chinook Auto Upholstery
$ 39,138.12                    TOTAL TO DATE