Valve Covers  -  February 2016 and December 2017
The engine puts a little oil down on the garage floor.  Not a lot.  But you hate to see any there.  And I have yet to figure out where it's coming from, though the front and rear seals are likely.  When having it looked at by my local GM dealership, they came to the opinion that the backs of the valve covers were leaking.  So I had them replace the gaskets.  I still have oil on the garage floor, if the valve covers were leaking, they weren't the only thing.

Meanwhile, I had decided that in a dirty engine compartment, the more chrome the better.  I
removed the original (blue) valve covers and replaced them with chrome.  Normally this would involve only removing eight bolts.  But there are lots of hoses and wires and brackets from the A/C that need to be to be removed.  After installing the shiny new covers, everything seemed to be working and I'm sure that any oil that may be leaking is not coming from the cover gaskets.

$ 14,555.38                    Previous Total
$      306.51                    GM valve cover gasket replacement
$      231.00                    Chrome valve covers
$        37.70                    Rubber valve cover gaskets
$ 15,130.59                    TOTAL TO DATE

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