Upholstery  - May 2016
The interior on this car was in remarkable shape for being 43 years old.  The colour of the vinyl on the seats and door faces is what GM called 'parchment,'  This green-exterior LeMans has the exact same interior colour and finish as my original brown-exterior LeMans, which made it MUCH easier to end up with a car that looks just like my 'original.'  In fact, the back seat, and the front passenger seat were both virtually pristine.  Unfortunately, there were a number of seams where the driver sits that had dried out, weakened, cracked and split.  Some sort of recovering was absolutely necessary.

It took a little asking around.   A co-worker knew of an elderly man who does great upholstery work, but he doesn't do cars.  His friend
but was too busy for this.  But that guy did point me to Chinook Auto Upholstery  (1st Street S.E., Calgary), who specialize in cars and quite clearly know what they are doing, based on a tour of all the cool auto work they are doing in their shop.  Try as they might, Chinook was not able to come up with an official '73 LeMans 'kit' for replacing the vinyl exactly.  But they had many colours and grains to choose from. 

$ 15,130.59                    Previous Total

$   1,260.00                    Seat re-upholstery at Chinook Auto Upholstery
$ 16,390.59                    TOTAL TO DATE


I decided that replacing ALL the seat vinyl was more money than I wanted to blow, so I had Chinook just replace the surfaces you sit on and lean back against, both front seat and back.  There is a tiny colour difference between the new vinyl and the old vinyl on the seat sides and backs, but you'd really have to work hard to detect it.  Chinook did a great job.  As you can see below, the stitched and buttoned the new vinyl just in the same way as the old.