Tires - December 2017
Since the first time I looked at the car, the tires seemed undersized to me with respect to the wheelwells.  The car came with an almost-new set of size P205/70R14 93S M+S BFGoodrich T/A Radials.  And that is the size of tire recommended in the owners manual.

But when I looked at pictures of my original '73 LeMans, it seemed to have larger tires.  They seemed to take up more of the space in the wheel wells.  So the question was whether I should look for 'taller' tires to put on here, and sell what it has for $50/tire. 

Duane at Fountain Tire in Okotoks recommended ordering in a 5.5% taller tire.  So now I'm sporting some Hankook P225/70R24 whitewalls.  They look good.

$ 39,603.52                    Previous Total
$      504.58                    Set of four P215/75R14 Hankook Optimo H724 WSW 98S Tires, Fountain Tire, Okotoks
$ 40,108.10                    TOTAL TO DATE

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