The Dream
I don't know when the idea to pick up a classic, surviving LeMans entered my head.  I didn't get inspired by seeing one at a car show or on the street.  They just aren't that common or popular, compared to cars such as the Firebird, (Smokey and the Bandit), Camaro (Rockford Files) or GTO.  But somewhere around 2013 when I moved back to Alberta after quite a few years overseas, something clicked and started thinking 'hey, I wonder if there are any of them around and what it would take to restore one?'

When the idea got fixed in my head, I found it was associated with the idea of an epic, solo road trip.  I'd find a good car in a non-rust area like Texas, Arizona or California, fly down to buy it and enjoy a nice, nostalgic road trip home in my new-old car.  I sure didn't envision doing it in January with a broken heater!

For a couple of years, every now and then, I checked online on Amazon or Craig's List.  Usually I'd find either rusted out hulks for $500, or complete restorations for $25,000, neither of which appealed to me.  The big problem was that on Craig's List you only have the ability to search one metro area at a time.  People had told me Craig's List was the way to find a car, but it sure seemed like a huge task, checking every single city one by one. 

Then came the big technological breakthrough (for me) that changed everything.  On Christmas Eve, 2015, I happened to stumble across some internet 'search bots.'  These are non-Craig's List websites designed to search through all the Craig's List pages for you.  Within minutes I had come across a decent-looking LeMans living in suburban Chicago.

Over the course of the next week I contacted the seller, confirmed the mechanical condition of the car and made all the plans for the trip that would bring it home to my garage.  All that is preserved in the blog on the front page for you...if you're interested.