Paint Protection - August 2017
I don't drive the Pontiac much, especially over the winter months, but about 9 months after the paint job was complete, I was horrified to find chipped paint.  There are a few dings on the front panel, but most are found on the 'rocker panels' right behind the wheels.  This is undoubtedly the result of my living at the end of a stretch of gravel road.

Fortunately, Chadd left me with a whole gallon of touch-up paint, which I immediately put to use.  I also went down to Canadian Tire and got some rubber splash guards to install in the wheel wells behind the tires.  But from the spray pattern of mud splashes, it's clear they won't protect everything.   

Chadd asked me if I wanted any plastic coating over the paint when he was doing the repainting.  The price was getting awfully high and so I declined.  Bad move.  I'd be a fool to have spent this much restoring this car and then put it at risk.  So I had Chadd put some 3M product on the vulnerable areas right away.

$  42,954.71                   Previous Balance
$    1,323.00                   Mulsanne Motorcar Co., Blackie, AB
$  44,277.71                   TOTAL