Oil Leak (Unresolved)
It didn't take long after getting the car home to notice the oil spots on the floor of my garage.  Not big ones, but clearly something was leaking that shouldn't. 

The first opinion I got was that it was coming from the oil pan.  I thought that was good news, because I envisioned a few bolts, and a replacement gasket.  But it turns out that on the 1973 LeMans, removing the bottom of the oil pan is a major undertaking.

Next up was my local GM dealer who figured it was coming from the rear of the valve covers and replaced those gaskets.  His next try was replacing the O-rings on the hoses coming into the steering box.  But the leaks persist, though a can of 'stop leak' from Canadian Tire in the crankcase seems to have slowed them down.   
It's not much oil.  But I'm a perfectionist and I don't like the mess on the floor, and I REALLY don't like the mess all over the bottom of the engine.  At this point, the likely culprits are the front and rear engine seals.  Is it really worth pulling the engine and transmission and spending more than $1,000 to fix this?  If I was a 'car show guy' and knew how to do these things myself, maybe it would be.  But I'm not.

So I think the next thing to do here is to get the car up on a rack, and spray the lower engine and transmission surfaces with brake cleaner to get them sparkly clean.  Then drive the car and find out once and for all where the oil is coming from. 

Then I can decide what to do about it.

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