Heater Core - April 2016
The heater core was obviously breached when I bought the car.  Bob the Seller told me that his son had been smelling glycol whenever he used the heater while driving.  The smell in the car was obvious, as was the coating of greasy glycol on the insides of all the windows.  In Iowa, I checked and found a small pool of glycol on the passenger side floor mat.  There I asked GM to remove the old core and tie off the hoses that supplied it so it wouldn't leak the rest of the trip.

I ordered a new heater core for about $40 from my local GM dealer and was toying with the idea of doing the work myself.  But I became impatient for heat during the winter and the more I looked into the job the tougher it looked.  It involved removing a lot of ducting from under the
dashboard, and releasing screws that poked through the firewall into the engine compartment.  Rather than spend a lot of time and effort figuring out how to do it, I finally decided to have Okotoks GM do it.  The cost was less than $300 for the labour.  It was great to finally have heat for the first time since January in Illinois.

$ 13,387.41                    Previous Total
$        82.67                    Heater core          
$      297.74                    Heater core replacement labour, GM
$ 13,767.82                    TOTAL TO DATE