Replace Fluids - February 2016
Some of the fluids in the car could well have been sitting there for upwards of 43 years, for all I knew.  Who knows exactly what would happen to transmission fluid or radiator fluid or differential oil sitting there for so long in a basically-unused car?  I don't know exactly, but I have visions of the stuff separating, precipitating, mutating and turning radioactive.  The stuff needed to be got out, but for the brake fluid, which Bob had mentioned he'd replaced a few years ago when the brake diaphragm had needed replacing. 

I took the car to LubeTown in Okotoks and had them replace everything that they could.  That meant engine oil and filter, power steering fluid, automatic transmission fluid, rear differential fluid, antifreeze (to an Alberta protection temperature, not Chicago), chassis lubrication (6 fittings) and air filter.  The only thing they wouldn't do was brake fluid (not just for this car, they don't do it for any car, for liability reasons I suppose).

Total cost:  Cdn$787.56.  Kinda steep.  But it had to be done, and really, given 
the number of miles the car will likely be driven, a lot of it will probably never need to be changed out again.

$ 13,767.82                    Previous Total
$      787.56                    Fluid replacement         
$ 14,555.38                    TOTAL TO DATE