Bumper Fins - April 2016
Where did THOSE come from?

A guy at the Alberta Iron Indians car club calls them 'bumperettes.'

Yeah, those chrome, vertical fins, two on each bumper.  You don’t see them on my original ’73.  I
therefore was inclined to remove them and throw them away.  From what I can see, they are bolted on and should be easy to remove.  But will the chrome of the bumper be marred where they touched it?

After further
inspection, I note that removing the bumperettes will result in two gaps in the rubber moulding that sits in front of the chrome.  So taking them off would probably make the car look worse and for now
, they'll stay.

$ 16,574.34                    Previous Total
$           0.00                   Leave bumper fins on the car
$ 16,574.34                    TOTAL TO DATE