Blower Fan - June 2018
This has been a tough nut to crack, but was finally fixed by the guys at AutoTemp, who fixed the air conditioning.  The problem varied not having a working blower fan at all, to only missing the top fan speed.

The blower motor was working when I left Bob the Seller's garage; I remember testing it.  But somewhere in Illinois it stopped working entirely.  This wasn't any great heartbreak at the time.  I mean if you have no heat, it doesn't much matter if you don't have a fan to blow what you don't have into the car!

The GM dealer in Ft. Dodge, Iowa, noted that there was a cracked solder connection in the blower motor resistor.  After getting the car home, my local GM dealer messed around with fixing or replacing both the blower motor resistor and the blower motor relay.  That got me three of the four fan speeds, but 'dead nothin' at the top speed setting.  Along the way, a Pontiac website suggested that it was actually an inline fuse in a wire at the top of the alternator that controls that highest fan setting.  That appears to be true, but the fuse was intact.

I pulled the blower motor resistor and tried all sorts of wiring combinations, but could never get the highest fan speed to appear.

To the rescue came AutoTemp.  I'd given up on getting the fan speed sorted out, but in the course of fixing the A/C they noted the problem.  It turned out to be something in the electronics behind the dashboard controls. 

It's all working now, but it's an odd set up.  To begin with, there is a vertical switch with four settings.  High, medium high, medium low and low.  There is no off!  The fan always runs, as long as the ignition key is turned to 'accessory.'

Then you have four fan speeds to choose from, but the way to get to 'max cool,' is to slide the horizontal temperature switch completely to the left.  That gives you 'max cool' (temperature and blower) no matter which of the four fan settings you've chosen with the vertical slider.

I don't know if it was worth what I paid to get it to work 'properly,' but that's what state it's finally in.

$ 41,070.95                    Previous Total
$      677.33                    Ducting repair, A/C retrofit, relay and switch repair (includes part of final A/C repair)
$ 41,748.28                    TOTAL TO DATE

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