Air Filter Housing and Hoses - May 2016
There are four different hoses that run from the air filter housing:

  1. 1)   A four-inch diameter hose about a foot long that runs from an air intake at the front grill to the air filter housing, (below left).  This was badly worn, held together with duct and plastic tape and needed replacing.  I picked up a rubber-like replacement at Okotoks GM.  It didn't come with clamps at the ends, so instead, I just used some small screws to tap through the hose into the plastic pieces that attach to either end.  This seems to stabilize the hose well and it definitely looks a lot better.

  1. 2)   A 2-inch hose about a foot long that runs from the engine manifold to the air filter housing (see below) and is described as a 'pre-heat' hose.  The end was frayed and it needed replacing.  The new one is accordionated silver aluminum. 

  2. 3)  A 1/2-inch rubber hose coming off the PCV value that's in good condition.  I installed a new PCV valve and noticed the old one's inner workings were fused to the housing.

  3. 4)  A small rubber vacuum hose off the top of the engine that's in good condition.

The upper rad hose also needed replacing, as it was soft and mushy (see the old hose on top of air filter and compare to the new hose running from radiator).  The hose cost $36.  I replaced it and then bled the air out of the coolant system.  The only worry now is that the rad hose is touching the accordionated rubber air intake hose.  But the heat from the upper rad hose doesn't seem to be melting the air intake hose where it touches it. 

$ 16,574.34                    Previous Total
$      125.00                    Hoses (approx.)
$ 16,699.34                    TOTAL TO DATE