Seriously, I am just NOT a car guy.  Never dreamed of owning a Camaro.  Never hung around showrooms or racetracks.  I'm just a guy that liked his old car and wished he could have it back again after 43 years.

I can turn a wrench and do the simpler repair jobs on a car like this.  Maybe I can even pull the heater core or fix the A/C if I study the manuals long enough.  But no matter what I try, I'm likely to end up with a stripped bolt or an extra part after I'm through.  The mechanical stuff doesn't come naturally to me.  But I can learn and I can try.  If you start talking about 'pulling engines' and 'dropping a transmission', though, I'll probably edge out of the room in fear.

I built this website because 1) It helps me keep track of my progress in fixing up this car, 2) It might bring pleasure to someone who also once owned a '73 LeMans, and 3) I can use ANY suggestions or help I can possibly get from people who ARE car guys. 

I always wished I hadn't had to sell that car.  Well, now I got it back.  :-)